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You can choose from the
following group names

  • Nordic Walking with a Boss
  • Nordic Walking with a Teacher
  • Nordic Walking with a Pastor
  • Nordic Walking with a Doctor
  • Nordic Walking with a Therapist
  • Nordic Walking with a Trainer
  • Nordic Walking with a Senior
  • Or, create your own Walking Group name!

Pasadena Nordic Walking Group with Doctor David Kuo

Nordic Walking is the Medicine of the 21st Century!

Start Your Own Nordic Pole Walking Exercise Program

Create Better Health & Wellness For Your Organization or Community

Nordic Walking Nations promotes a “Lifestyle Medicine” approach to our Health & Wellness programs, which includes Nordic Pole Walking, Stretching, Strengthening, and breathing exercises for all ages and disabilities.

We can also provide information on healthy whole food plant- based nutrition and recipes provided by Plantrician Project .org.

We also invite you to explore how Nordic Walking Nations can help people in your community become happier and healthier by promoting healthy lifestyle changes.

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