Team Members
Rules and Regulations

Nordic Walking Nations
Team Members Rules and Regulations:
To maintain the integrity of the Nations organization (“Company”) and to help guide our team to work in an honest and ethical manner, every team member agrees to abide by these Rules & Regulations (“Agreement”). This Agreement shall remain in effect for as long as the member is active with the Company. No oral agreements between the Company and our team members are permitted. This agreement supersedes all other agreements previously made. Nations has developed a specialized distribution system, which has proven to be very successful in its markets around the world. An important part of the tasks to be performed by Nations team members is conveying the essential elements characterizing the Nations system to the members of his/her team.

As a Nations Team member, I acknowledge that:

1. I must be of legal age in the state where I reside and must be otherwise legally capable of entering into a contractual agreement. I must provide the Company with my Social Security or other taxpayer identification number as required by the IRS. All information I provide to the Company must be true and complete.

2. I will be paid in accordance with the current earned income plan as published by the Company, provided that I work within these Rules & Regulations and in accordance with the law. No earned income will be paid for the act of sponsoring. I agree that I am responsible for paying all federal, state and local income taxes and insurance contributions due on payments received from the Company.

3. My relationship with the Company is that of an independent, self-employed contractor. I agree that I am not and will not state, represent, nor imply that I am an employee, agent, franchisee, partner, joint venturer or representative of the Company and that I have no authority to bind the Company to any obligation.

4. I agree that my relationship with the Company will continue until one of the following occurs: (a) I resign in writing; (b) the relationship is terminated by either myself or Nations due to breach by the other; or (c) Myself and all my team members have been inactive for 6 consecutive months.

5. I will not misuse any Company trade names or trademarks. Neither will I create or use any promotional material (other than those generated by the Company) that appears or represents that it is coming directly from the Company or use a trade name or trademark owned by Nordic Walking Nations in any Internet domain name or in the name of any business owned by me.

6. My success is dependent on my effort and no expressed or implied assurance, guarantee, or warranty has been given regarding my potential earnings’ success. I will make no such assurances, guarantees, or warranties to others. I further agree not to make any false or misleading income projections.

7. I or another family member may not have a financial interest, directly or indirectly, in two or more of Nations positions per household, unless each family member is signed up under the same sponsor who is not a family member.

8. I will operate my Nations business in an ethical and legal manner, and I will do nothing to injure the good name and reputation of the Company, including, but not limited to, casting the Company, its products, its programs, its field leadership, or its management in a negative light. If I resign from my position, I will not be allowed to re- enter as Provider or Instructor for one full year.

9. Nordic Walking Nations reserves the right to sell on the Internet or web-based selling median with the same terms as Providers or Instructors.

10. I understand that Nations does not discriminate against or differentiate between anyone because of their race, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs. I agree that operating a Nordic Walking Nations business is not an appropriate medium through which to advance religious or political beliefs, and I will not attempt to advance those beliefs at Company functions or events.

11. Products may never be sold or offered for sale on “auction” sites such as, but not limited to, E-Bay. I will not manipulate the placement of Internet search engine results to the detriment of the Company or other Associates.

12. I will not make legal claims about the Company’s products. All legal disputes must be filed and resolved in the State of California.

13. My Team position may not be sold, assigned, transferred or devised without the prior approval of the Company

14. The Company may alter or amend its product line, retail prices, the compensation system and these Rules & Regulations at its discretion with a written notice through mail, e-mail, fax, or on-line notification (website).

15. The Company may provide certain information about me to other team members in the form of Genealogy Reports and Compensation Statements. I agree that the names, addresses and contact details of the Team members and other information provided to me by the Company are the Company’s confidential, proprietary information, will only be used by me for the purpose of my Nations business and will not be disclosed by me to others.

16. Any failure of or delay by the Company to enforce these Rules & Regulations or to insist upon my strict compliance with them, in no way constitutes a waiver of any sort by the Company. I further understand that any such waivers by the Company must be in writing and signed by an authorized officer. I acknowledge that any waiver by the Company in regard to one Associate in no way constitutes waiver in regard to any other Associate.

17. If any term or provision of these Rules & Regulations is deemed illegal, invalid or unenforceable, I agree that the remainder of the provisions shall not be affected.

18. I understand that any breach of any of these provisions could result in disciplinary action, including termination of my relationship with the Company. Upon termination, I will immediately cease representing myself as a Nations Team member and will discontinue use of all Company names and trademarks.