Healthier is Happier!

Decrease Blood Pressure

Any physical activity is good for people suffering from High Blood Pressure. Nordic Walking is the most beneficial exercise to help improve blood pressure. It incorporates 90% of your body muscles when Nordic Walking by incorporating Aerobic and Resistance Exercise into one “Full Body Workout.” Lowering resting heart rate, higher CO2, improved Blood Lipid profile, higher exercise tolerance, improving your mood.

Manage Diabetes

Daily physical activity helps regulate blood glucose and increase insulin sensitivity, the muscles you use when exercising the greater the benefits. This is why Nordic Pole Walking is one of the best forms of fitness training. Nordic Walking can burn up to 46% more calories than regular walking

Cardiovascular Disease

Always consult with your doctor to ensure your heart is healthy enough before starting any form of physical activities. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. The world Health Organization estimates that 80% of the cases of coronary heart disease could be avoided, or postponed with simple lifestyle changes. Cardiologist are prescribing walking to prevent, manage and treat C.V.D. Nordic Pole Walking provides both aerobic and resistance training using up to 90% of your muscles. For this reason many hospitals are choosing to incorporate Nordic Pole Walking into their discharge information for cardiac rehabilitation patients. Several clinical studies that took place between 1996 and 2005 have shown that Nordic Pole Walking is a safe and effective exercise for people with heart bypass surgeries, angioplasty procedures, heart attacks for Cardiac Rehabilitation.


Exercise in general leads to better Mental Health. Active people experience the feeling of well-being following some form of exercise. This is due to the increased blood flow and the Endorphins released in your body. The feel good hormones help bring your mood in balance, suppress anxiety, depression and many more mental illnesses. As with golf you have to focus on your Nordic Walking technique and your negative thoughts are set aside.