Tai Chi

Never To Late To Start!

Two Ancient Exercises

Let the Healing Powers of Tai Chi & Nordic Walking

Change Your Daily Health and Wellness Forever

The Secret to a Happier, Healthier More Vital Life is Now Yours!

 Both exercises programs have so many scientifically backed benefits and the synergistic effect of using both together as a daily exercise routine is unbeatable!

The ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi and Nordic Walking which dates back 7,000 years ago in Africa with tribes recorded using pairs of walking sticks in their daily lives has become recognized worldwide  as one of the most powerful ways to improve both physical and mental health.

In an increasing number of medical studies on both Nordic Walking and Tai Chi has been found to heal- almost everything, from lowering blood pressure … to managing stress to building strength and balance for Fall Prevention!  

Nordic Walking Exercise increases:

Energy level    –    Muscle strength & flexibility     –     Better Brain function

Ability to fight infections    –    Balance Para Spinal Muscles    –   Bone density

Relaxation – restful sleep    –   Better Posture   –     Cardiopulmonary endurance

Weight Loss   –    Balance     –     Walking distance      –     Endurance

Nordic Walking Exercise decreases:

Shortness of breath    –    Risk factors of heart disease        –       Blood pressure

Side effects of medicine (steroids)   –    Depression     –      Blood sugar levels

Risks factors of Falling     –    time required to walk