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BTrackS™ in the News

Fox 2 Detroit anchor Deena Centrofanti visited Professor Daniel Goble (creator of BTrackS) in his lab at Oakland University to find out “Why we lose our balance as we age – and what can we do?”. Click the video to the right to watch the full report.

Doctors, Please Note:

Balance Track System – CPT Code 97550
A Physical Performance Test or Measurement (eg musculoskeletal, functional capacity). Billed at initial assessment and then upon reevaluation.>/p>

BTrackS™ Partners with Nordic Walking Nations®

Balance Tracking Systems and Nordic Walking Nations® have entered a partnership to provide BTrackS™ to agencies responsible for implementing evidence-based health promotion and fall prevention programs for older adults. BTrackS™ will be used to measure and track the balance of seniors and provide objective evidence regarding their balance improvement and the effectiveness of the training programs.


  • The study was conducted at the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA.
  • The study reports that Ger-Fit shows changes in 12 weeks.
  • Nordic Walking Nations can make the same changes in 6 weeks due to it being a resistance cross motor function exercise, creating better brain function and stability.

BTrackS™ Software
Application Specific and User Friendly

BTrackS™ software applications are user-friendly and easy to install on your existing PC, laptop or tablet computer. Each application provides valuable testing visuals, data analytics and profile management features that are customized for your specific testing needs.

Software upgrades occur annually with performance enhancements and new features driven by customer feedback. To learn more about the various software options currently available for BTrackS™, view the software options and primary areas of expertise specified below.

BTrackS Assess Balance

BTrackS Assess Balance

Recommended for: Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Senior Living Wellness Administrators, Fitness Professionals

  • Balance and Fall Risk Assessment
  • Percentile Rankings for Age/Sex
  • Posture and Weight Distribution Testing
  • Biofeedback-based Balance Training
  • Optional CTSIB for Sensory Screening

A Complete Balance/Posture
Testing Solution

BTrackS™ Assess Balance software provides an affordable suite of testing protocols to objectively and accurately determine balance and posture abilities. This includes the BTrackS™Balance Test, an evaluation of postural sway that can be done in just minutes to determine percentile rankings and Fall Risk. The latest software also includes weight distribution percentages, biofeedback-based balance training and an optional protocol for sensory screening.

BTrackS Sport Balance

BTrackS Sport Balance

Recommended for: Certified Athletic Trainers, Sport Medicine Professionals, Sports Neurologists &, Coaches


  • Baseline Balance Assessment
  • Post Concussion/Injury Evaluation
  • Return to Baseline Information
  • Printable Athlete Testing Reports
  • Percentile Rankings for Age/Sex

Track Athlete Balance Changes with Confidence

Balance changes are common following sports injuries, and balance testing is a key component of concussion testing protocols. With BTrackS™ Sport Balance, Sports Medicine Professionals no longer have to rely on subjective, unreliable and inaccurate visual testing methods such as the BESS to determine changes in balance following injury. Instead, BTrackS™ Sport Balance provides objective testing results in less than two minutes, allowing for more confident decisions to be made regarding an athlete’s balance status.

BTrackS Explore Balance

BTrackS Explore Balance

Recommended for: Individuals who conduct balance research using a force plate or perform individualized balance protocols

  • Customizable Data Collection Framework
  • Simple Balance Protocol Development
  • Post-hoc Playback of Testing Data
  • Raw Data Exporting for Post Processing
  • Ten Standard Metrics Calculated

Your all-in-one Solution
for Balance Research

For individuals conducting scientific research, “stock” balance testing apps just won’t suffice. That’s why we created BTrackS™ Explore Balance – a fully customizable balance testing framework with
1) protocol development capabilities, 2) data visualization tools and
3) raw data exporting
Combined with the portable and affordable BTrackS™ Balance Plate, Explore Balance is the all-in-one balance testing tool that will help you easily and effectively achieve your experimental research goals.

You Can Purchase BTrackS™ Today!

There are four BTrackS™ configurations, each consisting of a BTrackS™ Balance Plate and one BTrackS™ software application. Your purchase comes with a one-year warranty on the BTrackS™ Balance Plate, and an unlimited testing license with free software support and upgrades.

Medical/Wellness/Senior Living Configuration #1

BTrackS™ Balance Plate with BTrackS™ Assess Balance Software including CTSIB option

Medical/Wellness/Senior Living Configuration #2

BTrackS™ Balance Plate with BTrackS™ Assess Balance Software without CTSIB option

Scientific Research Configuration

BTrackS™ Balance Plate and BTrackS Explore Balance

Sport Medicine/Concussion

BTrackS™ Balance Plate and BTrackS Sport Balance Software

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About the Company

Balance Tracking Systems is a Corporation founded in 2013 by Dr Daniel Goble (bio below) and Mr Andrew May. The company is based in San Diego, CA and began with the simple mission to improve the quality of balance testing being utilized for the management of sports-related concussions.

Over time this mission has expanded to include the development of gold standard testing solutions for many balance applications including assessing the efficacy of balance training solutions, rehabilitation and fall risk screening. In addition, BTrackS can be implemented for assessing and tracking changes in global postural alignment. Posture, is an increasingly utilized indicator of health and well being being used by clinicians and health/wellness professionals.

Dr Daniel Goble has a Master’s degree in Biomechanics from The University of Windsor in Ontairio, Canada and a PhD in Motor Control from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Following his PhD, Dr. Goble also completed three years of post-doctoral research in sensorimotor neuroscience at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Leuven, Belgium.

 Currently, he serves as a faculty member in the College of Health and Human Services, School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, at San Diego State University. In this post he teaches Clinical Biomechanics classes for the Applied Movement Science Master’s program and directs the Sensory-Motor and Rehabilitative Technology laboratory (SMaRTlab), where BTrackS was created.

 Dr. Goble’s work on proprioception (our sense of body position in space) and balance control has resulted in multiple nationally and internationally funded fellowships, grants and awards. In addition, he has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles, co-authored a book chapter and his work has been featured multiple times in the media.

 Now the founder of Balance Tracking Systems, he is the visionary of BTrackS and has helped drive its mission towards providing affordable, objective and accurate balance testing in both sport and rehabilitation domains.